Thursday, December 3, 2015

Total Formation with Sr. Simone Campbell, SSS

Trying out the selfie stick! (everyone in formation w/ Sr Simone)
Last month, we gathered with others in formation (and our directors) for a Total Formation weekend. It is a great time for us to share community with our peers in other communities. Sr. Simone Campbell, SSS presented on Catholic Social Teaching. The weekend was both inspiring and challenging.

For me, the weekend helped me see my own passions in a different light. Sr. Simone encouraged us to pray the news as we each thumbed through local newspapers and read articles against the backdrop of Catholic Social Teaching. In light of all the darkness in the world, this exercise helped me see glimmers of hope, as well as guide my prayer and action.

Sr. Simone ended the weekend by sharing her 4 virtues for the 21st century:

1) Have and practice a modicum of joy.
2) Practice holy curiosity.
            I want to know your story—what moves you? What is your experience?
3) Sacred gossip.
            Share what you have found out.
4) Do your part.
            Where are we called to bring hope? Where are you lead when your heart is broken open?

Sisters & brothers in formation + directors with Sr. Simone